About The Homestead

The Homestead is a Non-Profit Organisation established in 1982 to care and support children who are from the streets. Due to extreme family environments children either live in adverse and extreme realities or end up living, begging, or working in the streets. We have a Prevention and Early Intervention Programme where children receive psycho-social and developmental support and a chance to have normal growth. Placement of children in residential facilities is the last resort.

Every child has a right to family or parental care, in the absence of such a proper alternative is provided. The Homestead has two Child and Youth Care Centres, the Bridge CYCC in Khayelitsha and LaunchPad Transitional CYCC in Observatory, caring for boys and youth until they realise their full potential.

To reduce and prevent the risk of children ending up in the streets, the Homestead has five Prevention and Early Intervention Programme centres (also known as Drop-in- Centres).

The programme fosters positive development of children living in dysfunctional family environments or exposed to harmful experiences that hinder normal growth. It is intrinsic in our intervention that all staff working with our children are trained.

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Homestead Vision

It is the Homestead’s vision that no child should live, work or beg on the streets of Cape Town and that every child should live in a community with a family.

Homestead Mission

To help street children reconstruct their shattered lives, and to provide prevention and early intervention services to children and families in disadvantaged communities

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