Our History

Ladles of Love began when Danny Diliberto was inspired to create a project to give back to society, as the result of attending a course through the Art of Living foundation (AOL). Danny decided to make use of his kitchen and cooked up a fresh pot of soup.

Walking the streets of Cape Town on his mission, Danny spotted a homeless individual and approached him to offer the soup, and in that instant he saw that such a simple gesture had great power.

In this moment Danny decided to help people who had lost their way – and so the soup kitchen was born. The first soup kitchen started on a chilly July evening in 2014 with a small team of volunteers serving 70 hot meals

What we do

Ladles of Love is an extensive community project dedicated to feeding hungry people. Our soup kitchens feed the homeless of Cape Town every week. Our other projects provide food to struggling schools, students and communities.

There is a large homeless community in Cape Town. Recent surveys suggest the total number is in excess of 7000 people living life on the streets. Through our soup kitchens, we provide a platform for people who care to come together to feed the hungry and make a difference.

A bowl of soup may not sound like much, but it’s a lifeline to some. Our soup kitchens are about more than simply providing food; it’s about dignity, respect and creating the kind of world we all want to live.

It’s about breaking down the social barriers that exist between us, and connecting people regardless of their gender, colour, religion or social status.

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